Valhalla Mining Offers: What We Offer and Who We Are


Valhalla Mining offers people an easy and smart way to invest their  money. Valhalla Mining’s bitcoin mining system is tailored for those who are newbies to the world of cryptocurrency mining and cryptocurrencies in general. Our mining services are suitable for experts in cryptocurrencies as well as large-scale investors. We at Valhalla Mining boast with being one of the first cloud mining services in the world.

Valhalla Mining is an enormous team of experts in the cryptocurrency mining, and our Bitcoin mining algorithm is one of a kind altgorith that is designed to provide the most best bitcoin mining rentals.

There are a plethora of reasons why we think we are the best cryptocurrency mining platform in the world. We also have numerous reasons why we think no other mining platform can top us. Let’s mention some of our advantages that will make you consider using our services.

We specialize in unique, special, and genius Bitcoin mining techniques. We boast mining a highly profitable altcoins portfolio which we exchange to Bitcoin when it is needed. This way, instead of mining in the busy Bitcoin market, we specialize in mining cryptocurrencies called Altcoins, which we can turn into Bitcoins. This way we avovid the difficulties of mining that are rising at an incredible pace.

The ever increasing demand from our clients to enable the mining of Bitcoins directly on our cryptocurrency mining platform made us enable that feature. This is how we became one of the first Bitcoin mining platforms in the world.

Profitability of Cryptocurrency Mining

It doesn’t matter which of our packages you will opt for, because you will rent the latest technology, which is a guarantee of profitability for as long as it is possible. Keep in mind that the rigs you can rent from us consume a little amount  electricity and that they are cooled in an efficient way, thanks to the superb locations of our mining farms. The greatest thing about our mining services isthat  there is no no downtime or waiting for delivery. You will never waste a second of cryptocurrency mining with us.

Mining Equals Pleasant Experience

When you sign a contract with us you can forget about the complications regarding the maintenance and set up of a mining rig. Mining with Valhalla Mining is a pleasant experience because there won’t be any loud rigs in your room that require intense cooling and a lot of space. With us, you will be mining online effortlessly!

We Are a Real Company

We see that many other cryptocurrency mining and Bitcoin companies, even those popular ones with excessive advertisement don’t disclose any pieces of information about themselves or their founders, and are that they offer their customers low prices.

Unlike those companies, Valhalla Mining is transparent about everything. We don’t hide who our founder is. We don’t hide our employers. We don’t disclose pieces of information about our mining farms. We are completely transparent!

Valhalla Mining is not your usual high yield investment company. We are a first class high yield investment company!


Should I Invest in Bitcoin in 2017? Here’s What You Need to Know


The year of 2017 started with nothing else but a bang because Bitcoin shot the $1000 and it seems that trend won’t slow down. This is why numerous people ask themselves should they invest in some Bitcoins or not.

Before we answer that question, we want to make something clear to all of you about Bitcoin. You have to be aware that Bitcoin is everything but a company. Bitcoin isn’t a stock. Bitcoin is a currency, remember that. This means that whenever you invest in a Bitcoin, you have invested in nothing else but a currency.

If we want to answer this clever question, we first must know what we mean under investing in Bitcoin. If your goal to buy Bitcoin hoping it will appreciate its value or are you more of a person interested in investing in companies that deal with Bitcoin? Are you just looking to make daily trades with Bitcoin?

Most people don’t know that the most usual form of investing in Bitcoin is actually buying this virtual currency in hope its value will hodle. By hodle, we mean the increase in value of Bitcoin. If you want to buy Bitcoins and invest in them for this reason you should decide about that by yourself. You should never listen to other people’s pieces of advice on Bitcoin on whether their price will rise or not. Learn for yourself about Bitcoin and you are on your way to decide will you invest in it or not.

Here are a few pieces of advice for purchasing Bitcoins and holding them:

  • You should never invest in Bitcoin if you aren’t willing to lose. Bitcoin is and will always be a risky investment to anyone. Remember that!
  • Once you have bought a Bitcoin make sure to hide it into your personal wallet. You can also use something called a digital wallet for storing your Bitcoin.

Some people are eager to invest in Bitcoin mining or cryptocurrency mining. Many people fall for purchasing expensive cryptocurrency mining and Bitcoin mining equipment not knowing that it would actually cost them less to buy Bitcoin.

There are also people who mine Bitcoins through various website. This is known as cloud mining. However, you should never perform Bitcoin mining through these websites as they are either partial or complete scams.

Unlike other Bitcoin mining platforms, Valhalla Mining isn’t a scam.

Some people make one big mistake when it comes to investing in Bitcoin. They invest in the so-called High Yield Investment Programs which promise people that they will double their Bitcoins, make them rich, give people insane interest on their Bitcoins, etc.

Such Bitcoin programs are a complete scam. You should never trust High Yield Investment Programs because they sound too good to be true. These websites actually work in the beginning and they will give you some money but they will all of sudden go offline.

Valhalla Mining is a high yield investment program, but we aren’t a scam. Remember that!

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange and Bitcoin Mining Services Are the Best


Anyone who has an interest in cryptocurrency mining and bitcoin mining should use Valhalla Mining’s cryptocurrency portfolio to earn money from Bitcoins.

Valhalla Mining was founded to offer extraordinary mining products as well as Bitcoin mining services to everyone. You don’t have to have any experience in investing in cryptocurrencies to become our client. Anyone can become our client and feel the power of our High Yield investment. Unlike other High Yield Investment Programs, we aren’t a scam and we won’t run away with your money.

We at Valhalla Mining offer revolutionary products and services. We offer our products and services to people who want to have a peace of mind when it comes to their Bitcoins. We make people have a peace of mind through our one of a kind mining facilities and algorithms. We always make impressive returns of our client’s investments. We at Valhalla Mining are offering our Valhalla Mining services through our Valhalla Mining algorithms and mining facilities which generate our clients such results which other Bitcoin miners can only dream of. With us, it is easy to enter the world of Bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency mining.

We guide our every new client through every step of the bitcoin mining way. The first step is deciding to explore the world of cryptocurrencies. The second step to your success is buying coins we have in our offer. Once you do that, you are all set up for building your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Valhalla Mining was especially designed for holders of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We made our mining platform to allow cryptocurrency holders invest in a portfolio of digital currencies which offers an extremely high rate of return on cryptocurrency holders’ investment. Our portfolio uses the amount of invested cryptocoins in acquiring mining power that will generate maximum return in cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins.

This return is then offered to our clients and it is always proportionate to their investments. We at Valhalla Mining use cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins for the purpose of mining more coins and offer that generated coins to our customers. We will only invest the funds of yours once you granted us a permission to do such a thing. We will never invest your funds without your permission like other mining platforms do. If you choose to invest together with us, you will never lose. You can only gain with us.

What We Aim to Achieve?

Our goal is to provide our clients with one of a kind expertise and tools so they can safely invest their money in their own choice of cryptocurrencies. Our aim is to make our clients’ investments grow while other cryptocurrency users are still waiting for the value appreciation.

Our goal is also to introduce you to the world of digital economy without any complications. Our goal is to teach people that cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is the future of the economy and we are on our way of achieving that goal!

How Does Cryptocurrency Ming and Bitcoin Mining Work?


People who are eager to invest either in Bitcoin mining or cryptocurrency mining without the struggle of managing their own hardware should know that there is one excellent solution for that. You can use Valhalla Mining’s cloud to earn your digital coins.

Let’s put this in a simple way – cloud mining refers to using processing power that shared and run from the so-called remote data centers. To be a part of the cloud mining, you will only need a PC and an optional Bitcoin wallet or cryptocurrency wallet.

However, we must say that there are several risks associated with Bitcoin cloud mining that investors in Bitcoin and crypytocurrencies need to understand before they commence with cloud mining.

Keep in mind that you will never be at any risk with cloud mining with us. However, let’s see what the pros and cons of mining with other cryptocurrency mining companies and Bitcoin mining companies are:

Pros of Cloud Mining

These are the reasons why you should consider Bitcoin and cryptocurrency cloud mining:

  • A cooler and quiet home – no fans that constantly hum.
  • No extra electricity costs
  • No equipment to sell when cloud mining stops being profitable
  • No ventilation issues with overheated equipment
  • Little risk of being let down by cloud mining equipment companies.


Here’s why you shouldn’t consider Bitcoin and cryptocurrency cloud mining:

  • Risk of getting scammed
  • Opaque cloud mining operations
  • Less fun
  • Lack of flexibility and control
  • Lower profit because cloud mining companies need their share of profit just like you

Keep in mind that these cons are related to other mining companies. There are no cons with Valhalla Mining. We are the best high yield investment program when it comes to cryptocurrency mining in the world!

When a person engages in any type of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency mining there are always certain risks, but gaining profit from Bitcoin cloud mining is possible if you make the correct choices. Remember that cloud mining with Valhalla Mining is always the right choice! In this Valhalla Mining’s article, we have given you some tips on how to decide which way of cloud mining to choose.

As we mentioned before, the overall risk of scam and mismanagement is very common in the world of cloud mining…People interested in investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should only invest in Bitcoin cloud mining and in high yield investment programs if they are comfortable with taking the risks. However, with Valhalla Mining, there are no risks. But, you will always be at risk if you will mine with other mining platforms.

Before you commence with investing in cloud mining with a certain cloud mining company, always investigate that company’s social media channels, speak directly with their former customers. This way ; you will get to know everything about that specific company and whether you should invest in it or not.

Valhalla Mining – Service Overview, Technology, For Sellers, For Buyers The Benefits of Cryptocurrency Mining and Bitcoin Mining with Valhalla Mining


Besides Valhalla Mining offers you to invest in Bitcoin mining or in cryptocurrency mining, it also offers you the possibility to sell or to purchase hashing power or both of that. Selling your hashing power simple – you just connect your mining equipment to our mining pools.

Unlike classic, usually low quality investment-based Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining services, Valhalla Mining provides its customers with advanced technological Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining user experience. As our buyer, you will be able to order quick and rent enormous amounts of hash power, then point those amounts to a mining pool you will choose and then mine digital currency Bitcoins or other digital currencies such as Dash, Litecoin, and other popular digital currencies.

Valhalla Mining boasts with its technology.  Valhalla Mining’s high yield investment program is based on the one of a kind technological infrastructure presence that is present in almost every part of the world. We are offering at the moment two different marketplaces: the European marketplace and US marketplace with powerful performance stratums. Additionally to these servers, we also offer our customers with lightning fast stratum servers with whereabouts in the Asian continent. The goal of Valhalla Mining high yield investment platform is bringing their service as close as it is possible to fellow Bitcoin miners as well as to fellow buyers and provide them with excellent efficiency for sellers of hashing power and buyers of hashing power around the world.

If you’re into purchasing hashing power be sure that your targeted pool, is in the proximity to selected marketplace location – the United States or Europe or to achieve the very best results. Also, be aware that there are various amounts of hashing power with different bidding prices available on the European marketplace and on the United States marketplace. Because of this you must check each marketplace before your submit your orders for buying since you may get affordable hash power on particular marketplace.

If you want to sell hashing power, please make sure that you have connected your mining equipment to the nearest stratum server so you could get best efficiency. Please remember that you will be paid at the current global average price, i.e. you will be paid the same regardless on which marketplace you’re connected.


Why use Valhalla Mining for selling your hash power?

  • As Simple as using several mining pools
  • You are paid on PPS rewards system
  • Get paid more than any other multi mining pool pays
  • Automatic payments in Bitcoins and other digital currencies
  • No registration – mining equipment is pointed to our stratum server with your digital currency address as username


  • Transparency – always know how much money you generate at any time
  • No waiting for unexchanged coins because you will get paid in digital currency Bitcoins for all submitted shares
  • Detailed statistic for the past 7 days

Can You Make Profit With Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mining? Is Bitcoin Mining and Cryptocurrency Mining Worth Your Time and Money?


The price of Bitcoin just reached $1,000 after a boom from the last year. If you aren’t sure should you make investment in Bitcoin or not, keep in mind that Bitcoin’s current price is evidence that Bitcoin has an enormous potential at the moment and it will have a potential in the long run. If you are total newbie to the world of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you still didn’t miss the opportunity to make money with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

One of the best ways to generate profit with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin mining of the cloud type. When digital currency Bitcoin was introduced three years before, people could mine it effortlessly at home and make a great profit from it. The situation in Bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency mining is different today and that is why you should consider cloud mining with Valhalla Mining.

However, you probably ask yourself now can you generate money with Bitcoin mining? Is Bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency mining worth investing? Let’s find that out.

For those of you who don’t know what the terms Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin cloud mining mean, we can say that Bitcoin mining refers to the process of Bitcoin mining by using the processing power of cryptocurrency  miners and their pool at a remote data center. When you use Bitcoin mining of the cloud type, you don’t run your own physical Bitcoin mining hardware by yourself, but you actually pay to us, Valhalla Mining for power needed to run cryptocurrency mining and Bitcoin mining processes that will generate you Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies and thereby gain you profit.

Bitcoin mining investors purchase hashing power from the form Gigahash per second or Megahash per second. Our data center will host the Bitcoin miner on their behalf and do the Bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency mining based on their hash power they signed up for.

However, the important question is whether you can make a good profit out of Bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency mining or not? Is Bitcoin mining worth your money and time?


The question is hard to answer because the profitability of cryptocurrency mining depends on these factors:


  • Bitcoin prices
  • Competition.
  • Mining difficulty

Why Mining Bitcoins By Yourself Is Not Feasible?

Mining Bitcoins and mining cryptocurrencies by yourself at home has several factors that affect the profitability of cryptocurrency mining and Bitcoin mining:

  • High Hardware Cost
  • Significantly High Electricity Cost

If you still want to invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining, you should opt for the high yield investment program we at Valhalla Mining can offer you. Valhalla Mining offers Bitcoin miners the best cloud mining services in the world for an affordable price. Our high yield investment platform is genuine!

Our high yiled program will generate you profit that other Bitcoin miners can only dream of. You will generate profit with us for a low price and without running software and hardware at your home. We will take care of that.

A Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency Mining: What Should You Know?


One of the biggest problems people ran into when they are looking to start mining cryptocurrencies for investment and profit was that most of the cryptocurrency mining sites were optimized for the advanced users. Unlike such sites, Valhalla Mining is a simple yet effective cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining platform.

If you are totally new to the world of high yield investment, cryptocurrency mining and bitcoin mining, have a look at our little guide on how to start with cryptocurrency mining.

  1. Getting a Bitcoin Mining Rig

One of the hardest niches to get into is Bitcoin mining. This comes from the fact that every day Bitcoin miners develop new and powerful mining hardware. Before you even start with mining cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins, you need to do decide for yourself is Bitcoin and cryptocurrency good for you or not. This means that you have to decide will mining cryptocurrencies pay out to you or not.

The best way to find out if cryptocurrency mining is your thing is to use a Bitcoin or cryptocurrency mining calculator. To use a cryptocurrency calculator, you just need to have the data of the cryptocurrency miner you plan to buy and the calculator will show you how long it will take you to make a profit from mining. Talking from experience, you will need at least a couple of thousands of dollars to even make the smallest profit from mining. However, with Valhalla Mining, you can earn profit with much less than thousand dollars.

We at Valhalla Mining have everything you need for successful Bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency mining. We are a high yield investment platform that will generate you results instead of scamming you like other HIYPs do.

  1. Get a Bitcoin wallet

The most important thing you should do once you start mining with Valhalla mining is to get yourself a cryptocurrency wallter because cvryptocurrencies are digital currencies, and you will need a place to keep them. Once you have digital wallet for your cryptocurrency, you should get your digital wallet address. Your digital wallet address will be an enormous sequence of numbers and letters. Every digital wallet is different when it comes to getting the public Bitcoin address.

Now, let’s learn about advantages of Bitcoin mining,  cryptocurrency mining and Bitcoins in general:


Payment Freedom


  • With Bitcoin you will be able to send and receive money anywhere in the world.
  • You don’t have to worry about rescheduling for bank holidays, crossing borders, or other types of limitations when it comes to money transfers.
  • You are the only one in control of your Bitcoin. There is no “boss” in the Bitcoin network.


Control and Security


  • Users are in control of their transactions.
  • Merchants can’t charge extra fees without being noticed. They must speak with the consumer before adding any extra fees.
  • Bitcoin payments can be made without Bitcoin user’s personal info being tied to the Bitcoin transactions.